The Project

CDP and Warwick District Council are working in partnership to deliver an ambitious and prestigious project to regenerate and transform the Old Town.

The Ambition:

Following public consultation and forums with various stakeholders, The Big Picture was signed off by Warwick District Council’s Exective Board in March 2019.   The Big Picture is available to download here:

The Big Picture

The key aims of The Big Picture:

  • Regenerate and breathe new life into the Old Town of Leamington Spa whilst enhancing the economic development of the new town and joining up the two distinct areas.
  • Build upon and reinforce the importance of the Creative and Digital Industries in Leamington Spa.
  • Create a vibrant, unique and desirable destination for residents, employers and visitors alike.
  • Position the stakeholders to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves in delivering the vision
  • Create a framework that fosters inward investment in the cultural and creative sector and the built environment

Whilst in its early stages we welcome feedback (see the contact form below) from all interested parties and future end users.

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