Public Consultation 

The public consultation has now closed, all of the feedback will now be analysed and findings shared in the coming weeks.

The draft masterplan is available to download below.

LCQ Draft Masterplan

Thank you for your interest in the proposals for the Creative Quarter. Warwick District Council has a long standing ambition to deliver a creative industries led regeneration programme of the Old Town area of Leamington to address local challenges and support economic growth. WDC has appointed a development partner, Complex Development Projects (CDP) to work with the Council to deliver this programme.

Following an initial round of engagement with local stakeholders a draft masterplan has now been prepared by CDP. The masterplan will provide a vision and direction of travel for the Creative Quarter. It identifies development opportunities and gives examples of what development could take place. Following consultation the Council will be asked to approve the final masterplan. Please note that any development projects that emerge from the masterplan will be subject to further Council approval in addition to the planning process. As such, approval of the masterplan does not give approval to each example of development.

Have a question about the MasterPlan?   – take a look through these FAQ’s they may give you the answer you are looking for.


This masterplan aims to:

  • Identify the elements and features that make the creative economy in Leamington Spa vibrant and distinctive.
  • Identify the key development needs for the creative sector. What key places, spaces and infrastructure would best support the further development of Leamington Spa’s Creative Quarter?
  • Identify key buildings and areas that could be regenerated and developed to support these aims and key development projects that could be brought forward to do this.
  • Identify what else needs to be done in a broader sense to support our creative economy.
  • To establish the viability and deliverability of regeneration projects to be brought forward in a coherent manner.

This masterplan will identify a series of areas within which regeneration activities will be focused. It will also make recommendations beyond these specific locations for measures which would support these key development opportunities. Overall the ambition of the masterplan across the Creative Quarter is to:

  • Regenerate and breathe new life into the Old Town of Leamington Spa.
  • Build upon and reinforce the importance of the Creative and Digital Industries in Leamington Spa.
  • Create a vibrant, unique and desirable destination for residents, employers and visitors alike.

Please note that comments may be made publicly available. This is to demonstrate that we have responded to comments.  Thanks again for your time, we really appreciate it.

Should you require a copy of the plans in any other format,
please email  for guidance.