Public Consultation 

Local businesses and residents were invited to comment on the draft masterplan during Dec 18 – Jan 19.  Following on from the consultation CDP and Warwick District Council have made amendments to the draft plan;

  • The masterplan has been renamed “The Big Picture” and has a clearer format and layout – The Big Picture is intended to be a vision document, a catalyst for change and is not intended to be a final and unchangeable document.  The Big Picture will be adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance alongside The Local Plan and forthcoming Leamington Neighborhood Plan.
  • Due to many concerns from the residents and associations located in the Riverside/Adelaide Bridge Area, this has now been removed from the Creative Quarter red line plan.
  • The red line plan has been extended to include Jephson Gardens and East Lodge in recognition of Leamington Studio Artists and the work they are already doing in Creative Leamington.

The full analysis of the consultation and documents presented to the Executive Board  can be found on Warwick District Councils website by following this link. (View Item 7)

Executive Board 6 March 2019

The amended “Big Picture” is available to download below.

The Big Picture